All Songs in PDF Format:  CD Written in the Night:

  1. WRITTEN IN THE NIGHT (Ray Austin-Marshall)
  2. FALLING & CALLING (Ray Austin-Marshall)
  3. THE FALL OF THE OPTIMIST (Ray Austin-Marshall)
  4. Vers le Ciel  (David/Epremian/Gueit)  
  5. COTTAGE OF LIGHT (Ray Austin-Austin)
  6. HALF A MILLION NIGHTS (Ray Austin-Marshall)
  7. NEW HORIZONS (Ray Austin-Marshall)
  8. THE PATRIOT GAME Dominic Behan)
  9. THE 31st OF JUNE (Ray Austin-Marshall)
  10. Scarlet Town.pdf  (trad.)
  11. LAST LONELY DAY (Ray Austin-Marshall)
  12. OUR STORY'S END (Ray Austin-Marshall)

   CD Who is to Know?:


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